An overview of Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

Do you dream of going on a 5-star cruise on board a luxury and intimate ship? The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise line will meet all your expectations and much more. Refinement and perfection are the watchwords of the new Ritz Carlton cruise line. So, don't hesitate to treat yourself and book your next cruise, you'll have memories for life, whether you travel alone, as a couple, with family or with friends.

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The boats of the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection company

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection: the history

Everyone knows the great hotel chain The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company as a benchmark for quality stays that are hard to match. Founded in 1983, the company decided to extend its wide range of services to luxury yachting, while maintaining its current high standards. For these reasons, the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise line was created and the inaugural cruise will take place in February 2020. In order to preserve the privacy and comfort of its passengers, the company has only small but very well equipped ships. So you can expect luxurious cruises with the American shipowner.

The fleet


The first ship on which you will have the chance to go on a Ritz Carlton cruise will be the Azora. Its name means blue and symbolizes the link between the sky and the sea and is in keeping with the company's colors. The 190-meter long, intimate yacht has a capacity of 298 passengers, who are accommodated in one of the ship's 149 suites. Each suite has a private terrace and two even more unique large suites will be available for booking. These will have a surface area of 102 m², as well as a terrace of 55 m²: simply incredible.

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise destinations

Destination Mediterranean

When you go on a Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise, you'll have a wide selection of ports of call in the Mediterranean. Yes, that's the advantage of the company's small luxury ships, they can dock in small ports that cannot accommodate the usual giants of the seas. Croatia, Malta, Italy, Greece, Italy, Spain and France are the main destinations that you will visit. Beautiful cruises are in prospect for all lovers of the Big Blue.

Destination Caribbean

Fine sand and turquoise waters are what await you on a Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a rich and inspiring part of the world, so you can expect to have a great time. The Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Guadeloupe and Martinique are just some of the beautiful destinations you'll enjoy discovering.

Destination Canada and New England

Cruises to North America have become very popular in recent years. The Ritz Carlton does not want to disappoint  customers and also offers cruises in Canada and the United States, more precisely in New England. Between exceptional cities and preserved landscapes, you will have memorable holidays, as a couple or with your family.

Destination Northern Europe and Baltic

To satisfy its northern customers, the Ritz Carlton company will soon be offering cruises in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea. From the Netherlands to Iceland, via Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, meet authentic people who will be delighted to share their traditions with you.

Restaurant, food and beverages on board the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection ships

Dining on board the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

What would a cruise on a luxury yacht be without a luxurious gastronomy? The shipowner would like to give you the opportunity to have a culinary journey and presents top-of-the-range restaurants which will delight the most gourmands and the fine gourmets.

The main restaurant, The Evrima Room, welcomes you everyday to discover menus created with local inspiration and made from fresh produce.

If you are looking for Asian flavors, Talaat Nam offers a  clever mix of high gastronomy and more traditional dishes. This establishment will please the whole family, young and old, who discover a new and original gastronomy.

S.E.A three letters that say a lot about what you will find in this establishment. The great chef Sven Elverfeld, three Michelin stars, awaits you with his selection of the best dishes inspired by the sea.

Mistral is the place to be when you want to relax. Come and discover this open-air space to taste grilled meat and fish, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

Open all day, The Pool House caters for both early risers and late risers. In the open air and just a few steps from the pool, it is the ideal place to have a drink and a meal without leaving your deckchair.

You can also enjoy all these pleasures without leaving your suite or on your open-air terrace, thanks to room service. Available 24/7, you're in for a treat on your next cruise.

Drinks during your Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise

The Living Room is the ideal meeting place during your Ritz Carlton Yach Collection cruise. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can enjoy all kinds of drinks. From cocktails and world beers to famous liqueurs and cognacs, there is something for everyone. You'll also find a few small treats and pastries to accompany your drink: ideal to whet your appetite.

Finally, the bar is the festive area onboard. After a long day of discovering the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, it will be the ideal place to relax and drink a tasty cocktail prepared by the ship's barmen.