An overview of Hurtigruten cruise line

Hurtigruten is a shipping company that has been sailing the world's most remote polar regions since 1890. On board the Coastal Express, you will discover the most beautiful regions of the globe in the Northern Hemisphere, which you can admire indefinitely. Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland with its northern lights, Norway with its fjords, get ready to see some extraordinary landscapes on your Hurtigruten cruise!

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The boats of the Hurtigruten company

Hurtigruten: the history

The history of Hurtigruten began in 1890, when the company was founded by Richard With. At that time, the ship was mainly used to bring supplies and goods to the most remote villages in Norway. With some of the winters being particularly cold, these deliveries provided the population of Hammerfest, Bergen and Trondheim with a considerable quality of life that they would probably not have had without Hurtigruten.

As transportation became more available, Hurtigruten began to market exploration cruises to local people. The first cruises went to the fjords, and then to the Nordic countries. The popularity of Nordic cruises continued to grow and more  tourists came on board Hurtigruten ships.

Today, the ships in the company's fleet have been renovated and modernized to better meet the expectations and needs of passengers.

Hurtigruten has been sailing in the polar regions for 130 years and continues to take thousands of passengers to discover these fabulous landscapes every year.

The Hurtigruten fleet

Hurtigruten has 15 ships in its fleet.

The MS Finnmarken was built in 2002. It is 138.5 meters long and has a capacity of 628 passengers on board. It is the only ship equipped with a swimming pool, allowing passengers to relax in peace.

Built in 2007, the MS Fram can accommodate 318 passengers and is 114 meters long. A real technological gem, it is a particularly safe ship for cruising in polar waters.

Since 1993, the MS Kong Harald (or King of Norway) has been sailing the Nordic countries. It was renovated in 2016 to the delight of its 622 passengers. It is 122 meters long.

The MS Lofoten, named after Lofoten islands, was built in 1954. It has a capacity of 400 passengers, who can relax along its 80 meters.

The MS Midnatsol can accommodate 500 passengers. Its name means "Midnight Sun", as it has a lot of light on board.

The MS Nordkapp has been sailing for more than 20 years and can accommodate 622 passengers on board for an unforgettable Hurtigruten cruise in Norway. The ship is 123 meters long and was refurbished in the 2000s.

The MS Nordlys has curves reminiscent of the northern lights. It has a capacity of 623 passengers on board and is 121 meters long.

Renovated in 2016, MS Nordnoge is one of Hurtigruten's three expedition ships.

The MS Polarlys, which means "polar light" in Norwegian, was renovated a few years ago and now offers exceptional cruises on board a modern and comfortable ship.

The MS Nordstjernen was renovated in 2000 and can accommodate 290 people on board.

Named after the creator of Hurtigruten, the MS Richard With can accommodate 623 passengers.

The MS Trollfjord is the largest passenger ship in the fleet. It can accommodate 822 passengers along its 135-meter length.

Built in 1983, the MS Vesteralen was renovated in the 1990s.

The MS Spitsbergen is the latest addition to the fleet of exploration ships and was launched in 2017. It offers numerous stops and more frequent port visits.

The MS Roald Amundsen, a hybrid ship, was launched in 2019. It can accommodate 530 passengers on board, along its 140 meters, and offers eco-friendly cruises.

Hurtigruten's cruise destinations

Hurtigruten's Coastal Express sails through the mysterious and beautiful waters of the far north, much to the delight of its passengers. Thanks to the shipowner's extensive knowledge, passengers have the chance to call at 34 different ports.

Norway Cruise

A Hurtigruten cruise in Norway will give you indelible memories. Between the northern lights, the fjords, the mountains and the glaciers, you will be amazed at every moment by the beauty of this place. The ideal period to visit the land of the Vikings is during the summer, as the climate is more favorable at this time of year!

Spitzbergen Cruise

Head for the island of Spitsbergen! Prepare to be amazed by the polar landscapes of this incomparably beautiful island. And keep your eyes peeled for the chance to see a polar bear!

Antarctica Cruise

If you're a true adventurer, Hurtigruten's exploration cruises are for you! Discover the majesty of Antarctica's pristine white landscapes and unspoilt wildlife. Your cruise will take place on board the MS Fram.

Iceland Cruise

Discover the wonders of Iceland on your Hurtigruten cruise. Learn about the culture, traditions and history of the country and be seduced by the charm of this region. You'll discover the volcanoes, icebergs and hot springs that are so typical of Iceland!

Greenland Cruise

Your cruise in Greenland will be the ideal opportunity to meet the Inuit people and discover their very special way of life. You will be amazed by the sumptuous natural landscapes of the country. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Restaurants, food and beverages on board Hurtigruten ships

Eating and drinking on board Hurtigruten ships

On your Hurtigruten cruise, you will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the ship's restaurant. The chefs on board will prepare three-course menus for you, all made with fresh, seasonal seafood. You can also choose the "A la carte Menu" option, for an additional fee, allowing you to compose your own menu from the a la carte menu. Please note that menus may vary from one ship to another. Full board is generally included in the price of your cruise.

In the spacious dining room, you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning at around 7.30 am and your lunch at midday at the table of your choice. Dinner is served from 6.30 pm and you will have your own table.

There are several wine and beverage options available on board Hurtigruten ships. In the cafeteria, where you will be welcomed throughout the day, you can pay for your drinks at an additional cost. Drinks are charged at the same rate as in Norway on the mainland.

Hurtigruten's features

Relaxation cruise

Hurtigruten does not offer any special entertainment on board its ships. Your only activity will be to relax and enjoy the polar landscapes around you. You can also take the opportunity to chat with your fellow passengers and discuss the next planned excursion!

Dress code

Hurtigruten does not require any particular dress code on board its ships. However, as this region is particularly known for its low temperatures, the company advises passengers to take warm clothing. So remember to pack a mackintosh, a hat, glasses, a scarf, hiking boots and a good windbreaker! This will ensure that you are fully prepared for the Hurtigruten adventure!