Overview of Cunard

Cunard is a true symbol of British luxury. Made up of three ships, the Cunard fleet aims to transmit the values of luxury and tradition. The Queen Victoria, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth are three tried and tested liners on which you can experience the history of the UK during your Cunard cruise. With 181 years of experience, you can discover the world in a different way, thanks to the high standard of service we offer. So book your Cunard cruise now and enjoy a top-of-range cruise. 

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The boats of the Cunard company

Cunard : The history

Cunard was founded in 1838 by Sir Samuel Cunard who decided to operate the transatlantic line to deliver mail around the world. Very quickly, the number of Europe-US and Europe-Canada routes multiplied.

But Cunard's history is not limited to mail transport. The American company played an essential role during the Great War, as it enabled the transfer of information between the Allies. Soon, Cunard opened its lines to transport passengers who wanted to discover the world. Today, with the growth of air travel, the company has been able to reinvent itself to remain a reference in transatlantic travel. Today, the modernity of the ships and the transmission of values are perfectly suited to people who wish to travel differently.

Finally, Cunard is no longer limited to transatlantic voyages, but offers cruises in the Mediterranean, Canada and the United States, as well as in the Caribbean.

The Fleet

There are three ships in the American company's fleet. The Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria are easily recognisable and have shaped the reputation of the shipowner. You will recognise them by their red chimney, the symbol of the Cunard company. 

The Queen Elizabeth

Inaugurated in 2010, the Queen Elizabeth is the successor to the Queen Elizabeth 2 and is also the twin ship of the Queen Victoria, with a capacity of 2081 passengers. It is a globetrotter as it sails the Mediterranean, Asia and Oceania.

The Queen Mary 2

Unlike the Queen Elizabeth which replaced the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Queen Mary 2 is the replacement for the Queen Mary. Inaugurated in 2004, she welcomes up to 2691 passengers per cruise. The Queen Mary 2 cruises are the most traditional. Indeed, most of them are transatlantics, which made the reputation of the company in the 19th and 20th centuries. But rest assured, the Queen Mary 2 sometimes offers other itineraries to help passengers discover the world's seas and oceans. Inside, you'll find a perfect blend of tradition and the latest technology: that's the promise of a Cunard cruise.

The Queen Victoria

Built in Italy, the Queen Victoria is the twin ship of the Queen Elizabeth with a few exceptions.It can accommodate 2014 passengers and everyone will take part in the British tradition. For example, you can enjoy “tea time” every day and the ship is manned by British officers: so British!

Cruise destinations by Cunard

Transatlantic Cruises

If you're looking for a Europe - USA or USA - Europe cruise, why not choose Cunard? From Southampton to New York, the company is  renowned for traditionnel cruises, but with a modern and technological twist.

Mediterranean Cruises

From Rome, Venice and even Southampton, you can discover the Mediterranean and all its corners. Head to the Canaries, Croatia, the Eastern Mediterranean during your cruise with Cunard.

Northern Europe cruises

Northern Europe is also very close to Southampton, the main port of departure for Cunard cruises. So you'll have the opportunity to explore the Norwegian fjords, Iceland and even Greenland on your next holiday.

Caribbean cruises

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters, that's what Cunard offers with its Caribbean cruises. From Europe or New York, discover the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas. 

Around the World Cruises

Every year, Cunard offers its travelers an Around the World Tour. For about 120 days, discover the world in the Cunard way, i.e. in a high standard.

Restaurants onboard Cunard’s ships

Eating on board CUNARD ships

Depending on the cabin category you choose on any of the three Cunard ships, you will be allocated a restaurant for your entire journey. From morning to night, you'll be enjoying delicious dishes in the same place. You can also choose to eat in your cabin thanks to the 24-hour room service.

All styles of cuisine are on offer. You can choose from Asian, European, Oriental and even Mexican cuisine. You will also have several places where you can eat. By the pool, at tea time in the Queen Room, or in the pubs, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your meal.

Drinks during your CUNARD cruise

Drinks / soft drinks cruise package: For $6.5/day per person, you can enjoy unlimited juice and soda. Please note that this package commits you for the entirety of your trip.

Drink/Coffee Cruise Package: For $38, purchase your coffee card, which will allow you to consume 10 coffees whenever you wish.

Wine and Beverage Cruise Package: For $35, enjoy a selection of wines prepared by the ship's sommeliers, giving you daily access to several fine wines.

The company’s features

A unique atmosphere

We're not exaggerating when we say that the atmosphere on a Cunard cruise is unique. Cunard's luxury cruises offer you a taste of British elegance at every turn. The most striking feature is the tea time, which is served by white-gloved bellboys. A very British atmosphere, but very pleasant.

Dress code during your Cunard cruise

Again, Cunard doesn’t mess around with tradition. That's why you must respect a dress code during your cruise. During the day, casual dress is allowed, but in the evening, you'll have to pull out all the stops. Men will need to break out their suits while women will need to wear a classy dress. Don't worry if you're a bit absent-minded and forget your evening wear, Cunard has it covered. You can hire your suit and tie on board for $85.

Moreover, the company gives you the opportunity to participate in themed evenings, black & white, masked ball, etc... There is something for everyone. Finally, the logbook will inform you on the style to adopt.

Cunard cruise with children

If you want to travel with your family, Cunard has the solution. It has created a children's club as well as a babysitting service to travel peacefully. And don't worry, they'll be delighted to take part in activities for their age group, from 6 months to 7 years old in the Playzone, from 8 to 12 years old in the Kids Zone and from 13 to 17 years old in the Teen Zone.