An overview of Aranui

Embark on a luxury cruise in the South Pacific with Aranui! A true journey to paradise awaits you in French Polynesia. You will take this exceptional cruise on board the company's only ship, the legendary mixed cargo ship Aranui 5.

Armed with your mask and snorkel, take part in an enchanting cruise to discover wild archipelagos and islands with exotic characteristics. Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora... Your navigation in the turquoise waters of the South Pacific Ocean is the promise of a rich experience that revolves about sharing and making unforgettable memories.

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Tahiti : French Polynesia

Itinerary : Papeete, Makatea, Pacific Ocean, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka Marquis Islands, Hiva Oa, Tahuata Marquis Islands, Fatu Hiva Marquesas Islands, Pacific Ocean, Rangiroa Tuamotu, Papeete

Tahiti French Polynesia

From $3,600

Full board Excursions included *
Full board Excursions included * Port taxes included Marquises Islands specialist
  • Leaving from: Papeete Duration : 12 Days
  • Duration : 12 Days from $3,600

  • Boat : Aranui 5
  • Company : Aranui

From $3,600

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17-31 August 24

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The boats of the Aranui company

Aranui: the history

Founded in 1954 by the Tahitian Wong family,  Aranui and its mixed cargo ship Aranui 5 criss-cross the South Pacific and sail from island to island. For more than 60 years, Aranui cruises have confirmed their expertise thanks to their local approach to these islands and their knowledge of the Polynesian archipelagos.

Customers who are familiar with Aranui will be familiar with the boats that formed the company's famous fleet: the Aranui I, Aranui 2 and Aranui 3. Since the end of 2015, the Aranui 5 has been operational.

The Aranui boats had an economic and commercial purpose: they were used to ensure the maritime connection between the islands of the Gambler archipelago and Tahiti. A little later, the Marquesas Islands were added to these routes, broadening the company's influence.

In 1984, the Aranui I, at that time used for the transport of goods, was converted to passenger transport. Aranui's activity changed completely: the company started to be famous for  touristic cruises! A true ambassador of the South Pacific region, Aranui helped to promote the local wonders of the Polynesian islands, thanks to the prestigious trips organized on board the mixed cargo ship.
This is why Aranui is of great importance to the natives who consider the company as a privileged link with the rest of the world, as well as a great accelerator in their economy.

The Aranui fleet

Aranui has only one luxury ship in its fleet: the mixed cargo ship Aranui 5. The South Pacific is its preferred destination. The ship offers its passengers a premium environment, in safety and respect of the ecology.

Let yourself be charmed by the Polynesian-influenced decor and the large spaces that make it up. You will be immediately seduced by the pleasant luminosity that emanates from each room and bedroom.

The Aranui 5 is 126 meters long and 22 meters wide. Inside, the ship has 103 cabins of different categories, ranging from standard to luxury:

40 standard cabins

32 suites with balcony

31 superior deluxe suites

Aranui has thought of everything for your comfort on board! The Aranui 5 has a gym, a spa where you can book a massage, two themed conference rooms, a souvenir shop, two lounges on the deck and veranda, a library and a pool. Four bars are also available !

Aranui's cruise destinations

Experience the prestige of a voyage with Aranui, on board its mixed cargo ship Aranui 5. A single 14-day itinerary is available.

Society Islands - Tahiti Cruise

Your Aranui luxury cruise will depart from Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia. A change of scenery is guaranteed as soon as you set foot on land: the scent of tiare and magnificent panoramas will accompany you throughout your stay! From the decks of the Aranui 5, open your eyes and contemplate the mountains of Tahiti, its volcanoes and coral reefs.

Marquesas Islands Cruise

1500 km above Tahiti lies the majestic archipelago of the Marquesas Islands, nicknamed "The Land of Men". It is one of the largest archipelagos in the South Pacific Ocean. Your Aranui cruise will take you to Nuku Hiva, which is the largest island in the Marquesas. With a population of 3,000 inhabitants who speak French and Marquesan, this island and its inhabitants welcome you with open arms, eager to share their traditions and way of life with you. Other corners of paradise will be the fabulous stops on your cruise: Ua Huka, Tahuata and Fatu Hiva, Fenua Enata... Bewitching names that hide grandiose panoramas, made up of waterfalls, divine beaches, reliefs,...

Society Islands Cruise - Bora Bora

Bora Bora, the Society Islands and their dreamy scenery will make your Aranui cruise unforgettable! 260 km from Papeete, discover this magical island with its generous tropical vegetation, a former American military station. The lagoons of Bora Bora will give you the impression of landing on another planet. From the mixed cargo ship Aranui, contemplate Mount Otemanu. During your cruise stop in Bora Bora, treat yourself to the luxury of an Aranui excursion. All means of transportation are good to explore these treasures: small boat, on foot, by bus, in a 4x4 or from a helicopter. The fauna of Bora Bora is surprising and reserves you great emotions: manta rays, sharks close to you!

 Restaurants, eating and drinks on board Aranui’s ship

 Eating and drinking on board Aranui 5

Aranui cruises include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and prize meals during your shore excursions, provided in the form of picnics.
In the morning, enjoy local and more continental dishes at the self-service buffet. At lunch and dinner, sit down and enjoy casual lunches and dinners.

The menus offered will always be inspired by the destination: taste the flavors of the sea and try the typical Polynesian dishes. At each port of call, the Aranui 5 is restocked with local products, which will make up the delights of your dishes! Fish, lemons, seafood, not forgetting the "Noni", the local fruit of the Marquesas Islands.

Aranui’s features

The Aranui crew

The Aranui crew is what makes a Pacific cruise truly luxurious, in addition to the destination. The crew members on board are sailors who will make all the difference during your trip. The Aranui staff know Polynesia like the back of their hand and are mainly from the Marquesas Islands. Their expertise and approach is the guarantee of a friendly and enriching stay. They will be able to help you organize your days and discover the most beautiful corners of these paradisiacal places of the Pacific.

Dress Code Aranui

Comfort first during your cruise with Aranui! On board, we recommend light and casual clothing. The weather will be warm and sunny, so take T-shirts, bermudas and shorts. Do not forget totake a pair of special hiking trainers to honor the excursions into the forests, where big rocks may be waiting for you. Also take a pair of sandals for more casual days. As you can see, don't go for a "gala dinner" outfit, it won't be the theme!