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Best deals of MSC Cruises

Mediterranean : Spain, Tunisia, Italy, France - MSC Grandiosa

8 days on board MSC Grandiosa

Departure From Barcelone, on 24/09/24

Duration : 8 days

Boat : MSC Grandiosa from MSC Cruises


From $1,109
From $1,109

6-20-27 August 24

3-10-17-24 September 24

Autres departs

Mediterranean : France, Italy, Greece, Turkey - MSC Fantasia

8 days on board MSC Fantasia

Departure From Marseille, on 24/04/25

Duration : 8 days

Boat : MSC Fantasia from MSC Cruises


From $669
From $669

24 April 25

Best deals of Royal Caribbean

Caribbean-Antilles : United States, Dominican Republic, Porto Rico, Netherlands Antilles, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis

11 days on board Explorer of the Seas

Departure From Miami, on 06/02/25

Duration : 11 days

Boat : Explorer of the Seas from Royal Caribbean International


From $1,164
From $1,164

6 February 25

Australia New Zealand : Singapore, Indonesia, Australia

13 days on board Quantum of the Seas

Departure From Singapore, on 19/11/24

Duration : 13 days

Boat : Quantum of the Seas from Royal Caribbean International


From $5,774
From $5,774

19 November 24

Best deals of Norwegian Cruise Line

Greek Islands & Turkey : Italy, Greece, Malta - Norwegian Epic

11 days on board Norwegian Epic

Departure From Rome Civitavecchia, on 12/08/25

Duration : 11 days

Boat : Norwegian Epic from Norwegian Cruise Line


From $1,661
From $1,661

14 May 25

23 July 25

Autres departs

Africa : Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Canary Islands, Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola, Namibia, South Africa - Norwegian Sky

22 days on board Norwegian Sky

Departure From Lisbon, on 16/11/24

Duration : 22 days

Boat : Norwegian Sky from Norwegian Cruise Line


From $2,285
From $2,285

16 November 24

Best deals of Costa Cruises

Mediterranean : Spain, Italy, France

8 days on board Costa Smeralda

Departure From Barcelone, on 10/11/24

Duration : 8 days

Boat : Costa Smeralda from Costa Cruises


From $712
From $712

21-28 July 24

4-11-18-25 August 24

Autres departs

World Tour : Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Morocco, Canary Islands, green cap, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Pitcairn Islands, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, MAURITIUS ISLAND, Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, Madeira Island, Greece

131 days on board Costa Deliziosa

Departure From Trieste, on 07/12/24

Duration : 131 days

Boat : Costa Deliziosa from Costa Cruises


From $18,413
From $18,413

7 December 24

Best deals of Ponant Cruises

Greek Islands

8 days on board L'Austral

Departure From Athens Le Piree, on 01/08/24

Duration : 8 days

Boat : L'Austral from Ponant


From $4,966
From $4,966

1 August 24


8 days on board Le Bellot

Departure From Reykjavík, on 03/08/24

Duration : 8 days

Boat : Le Bellot from Ponant


From $6,332
From $6,332

27 July 24

3 August 24

Best deals of Hurtigruten

Safir Cruise, the cruise partner you need

With over ten years of experience, Safir Cruise is THE cruise reference for all types of travel! Our in-depth knowledge of all ships, partnerships with over 40 maritime cruise companies and team of cruise experts, make our agency an essential ally in organizing your next vacation

Our priority is your satisfaction, as noted by our customer reviews with a rating of 9.5/10, making Safir Cruise a leader in the world of cruising! Our agents listen to your needs and take into account all your criteria to offer you the most suitable trips for your desires and budget. With our agency, you can explore the seas and oceans with the best cruise companies such as MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, or Royal Caribbean and live the vacation of your dreams!

By choosing Safir Cruise for your next travel experience, you will be guided throughout the entire booking process and even after! Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries; our advisors are available 7 days a week from 9 am to 8 pm.

Cruise destinations

Think cruise for your next vacation!

Have you thought about going on a cruise for your next vacation? Cruise trips are becoming increasingly popular and represent dream vacations on a floating paradise where you can find everything you need! Let yourself be seduced by the wide range of destinations available, from the trendiest such as the Mediterranean or the Caribbean to the most remote places such as cruises in Antarctica. Going on a cruise means discovering new places and landscapes every day and making unforgettable encounters.

You will have the opportunity to mingle with the local population during stops and make new acquaintances during the numerous activities offered on board the ship. Between restaurants, bars, theaters, swimming pools, parties, spas, and many other activities organized throughout the day, you will never get bored during your cruise vacation! You will be pampered with quality service so that you can travel in complete tranquility. You will also be free to organize your days as you wish, all at very affordable prices for solo travelers, couples, families, or even groups!

Few words about Safir Cruise:

Safir Cruise is much more than a cruise agency: it is the reference for all your cruise travels!

Our knowledge of all ships, partnerships with more than 40 maritime companies, and our team of cruise experts make your agency an essential ally in organizing the your next vacation.

With over ten years of experience, Safir Cruise agency guides you throughout the entire booking process, and even after! Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries; our advisors are available 7 days a week from 9 am to 8 pm.

Finding the best cruise with Safir Cruise

Safir Cruise is a travel agency based in the heart of Dubai, , with a team of 40 passionate cruise experts dedicated to help customers find the best cruise to suit their preferences and budget.

Our 15 years of expertise at your service

With over 15 years of experience, the team at Safir Cruise advises customers on the type of cruise, company, ship, and destination that perfectly meets their needs.

We find you cruises at the best price

We find cruises for you at the best prices. Our expertise allows us to work with over thirty different companies on a daily basis. Thanks to our proximity with their teams, we are the first to be informed of promotional offers and the best cruise deals. Surf on our website and you will have a great chance to enjoy discounts or advantageous offers. Moreover, there are no booking fees or hidden charges on your reservation: it is possible to go on a cruise at a low price with Safir Cruise

A team available 7/7 to accompany you

Safir Cruise agency is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm; our advisors can be reached by email, by phone, or it will even be possible to organize a physical appointment, which will greatly facilitate the exchange with you.

Take advantage of comprehensive and quality support in booking your cruise. We will also be by your side from embarkation to the end of your journey at sea. Indeed, if you encounter a problem during your trip, do not hesitate to contact your advisor, they will be happy to help you.

We offer flexible payment methods

You can pay for your cruise by bank transfer or credit card, as well as payment by phone, depending on your preference.

Your banking and personal data are highly secure

Going on a cruise can represent a certain cost, which is why we only ask for a 30% deposit on your booking. Our policy of "cruises accessible to all" goes further, as if you request it from our team, you can pay for your cruise in installments.

Embarking on a cruise: a tourist experience you won't soon forget.

The world of cruising in a nutshell:

Embarking on a cruise is an incomparable tourist experience. Unlike some types of travel, cruising is easy to organize: all you have to do is contact us to make your reservation and arrange transportation to the port of embarkation. Since your ship serves as your accommodation, restaurant, and leisure space, you won't have to worry about the eternal hassles of booking hotels, museums, rental vehicles... More than just a boat ride, cruising offers a hassle-free experience where you close your eyes in one city only to wake up in another!

Which cruise to choose?

The world of cruising is a large family, and it would be a mistake to say that there is only one type of trip. Two main classes stand out from each other: ocean cruises and their sea voyages or river cruises and their itineraries on the world's great rivers.

Within these two classes, there are many types of cruises: luxury cruises and low-cost cruises, tropical and polar expedition cruises, as well as themed cruises of all kinds (Christmas and New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and honeymoon, gastronomy, history...), family or friends cruises, couple or solo cruises, cruises with your children... The embarrassment of choice, isn't it?

The cruise ship: a world apart

Of course, each type of cruise has its unique ambiance, but some things remain common to all experiences. On board your ship, you will live in a world apart: a feeling shared between disorientation and wonder.

Your ship will be the center of social interactions during the few days of your cruise. You will have the chance to embark with tourists from all over the world: this type of travel brings together nationalities from all corners of the globe, giving you the opportunity to discover new cultures and ways of traveling.

Cruising: a journey where you are never bored!

Over time, cruising has transformed. From simple passenger transport, it has opened up to all kinds of entertainment. Cruise ships and boats have evolved, each one equipped with facilities for leisure, entertainment, sports, as well as rest, relaxation, and well-being. Of course, your cruise will be punctuated by frequent stops: a golden opportunity to visit numerous capitals and smaller cities!

Regardless of your age, whether you embark on a journey of a few days or several weeks, there will be no downtime during your cruise!

The Safir Cruise FAQ: an answer to all your questions

How much does a cruise cost ?

The price of your cruise will depend on a large number of factors, so it is not possible to announce an average rate. Indeed, depending on the choice of the company and its cruise ship, but also depending on the type of cruise and the period of your departure, the price of your trip may vary greatly. Not to mention reservations for excursions, meal and beverage packages, and any promotions that may also affect the price.

What is the best destination for a cruise?

There is no "best destination", they are all worth exploring! To go on a cruise, you must first listen to your desires, that's how you will find the ideal destination...for you! Even though the trend is towards the Mediterranean Sea or the Caribbean, you may prefer to go to Norway or Antarctica. Our advisors will help you refine your choices during your initial contact.

What are the budget-friendly cruise lines ?

Going on a cruise at a reduced price is possible: several famous companies offer you the experience. The best-known ones are Costa, MSC, and you have certainly already heard of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, the two American leaders in maritime cruising.

What are the expedition cruise companies ?

For adventure lovers, there are also many companies offering expedition cruises, such as Hurtigruten or Ponant. Also, discover Aurora Expeditions, an Australian company founded by an explorer. For a 100% French-speaking experience, we suggest Ponant and Exploris, two luxury ship owners known for their modern fleets.

What is a cruise excursion? What would a cruise be without its excursions?

These several-hour stops on land give you the opportunity to visit the cities on your itinerary. Alone or in a group, you'll enjoy guided tours fully programmed by the company. You can also go on your own and be free to stroll wherever you want. Just be careful of the time, the ship will set sail without the latecomers!

What is there to do on a cruise ship ?

Once at sea, a whole universe of cruise entertainment will open up to you! With incredible public facilities, ships offer non-stop entertainment to their passengers. This includes: a theater, hot tubs, mini-golf, sports courts, library, spa, karaoke, nightclub... You got it, impossible to get bored!

How to choose the best cabin ?

Each type of cabin being different, you will need to listen to your desires to find the one that suits you best. The interior cabin is the most economical choice. The exterior cabin offers a sea view and maintains a good value for money. The balcony cabin has a private terrace perfect for outdoor breakfasts. Finally, the suite is the most luxurious of all: it will allow you to enjoy a large area and privileged benefits.

How does a cruise with children work?

Going on a cruise with the family is a great idea! Most cruise companies have centers for children of all ages, so be sure to ask your travel advisor about them. You'll have no trouble leaving your child or teenager in one of these clubs. They can have fun and make new friends all day long. Take advantage of this time to spend some time alone or as a couple!

What are the different cruise packages ?

Two types of packages will be offered to you when you go on a cruise: :

  • Meal packages :They will allow you to eat at the ship's restaurants. However, some establishments may only be available by invitation. .
  • Beverage packages :They give you access to selections of beverages that suit your preferences (hot drinks, soft drinks, draft beers, wines, alcoholic cocktails...)

What is the best way to get to the embarkation port?

There are many ways to get to the embarkation port. For short trips, we recommend taking a car or a bus. For longer distances, you can choose a ferry, train or airplane. With Safir Cruise, no need to worry: we will help you find the most suitable transportation!

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